Wales 2018, I never imagined I would be so in love

Wales 2018, I never imagined I would be so in love

After 30 years living in the United Kingdom, finally this summer (2018) I made it to Wales. For years I had always wanted to visit Wales, but every time I mentioned Wales, people use to laugh at me a little, as if I was just joking about it.  People always associated Wales with rain, gloomy days, wet…wet…wet, boring food and fluffy sheep. Well, not so this year, to me Wales was a real surprise as if I finally found a destination that I was destined to see all these years. I am happy to say that for Wales is one of the 5 top best travel destinations I have visited, I have visited more than 100 destinations to date.

Our visit to Wales was a caravanning holiday and this was our second caravanning holiday this year, and our first long caravanning holiday ever since we bought our little yellow caravan in January 2018. We started the journey by visiting a few friends in Dorset enjoying some amazing adventures along the way and visiting beautiful beaches on England’s west coast.

Wales is located on the western coast of Great Britain, not too far away from Bath or Bristol. We headed to the Gower Peninsula and camped one night here. We got to Wales fairly late in the afternoon but we still had a chance to view the amazing sunset from the sandy heels above the beach. The Gower peninsula has a stretch of golden sandy beach, its wonderful and varied landscape is truly breathtaking. I fell in love with Wales immediately. My 1st impression of Wales was stunning. The places we visited were really kept clean, we didn’t really see in plastic rubbish around. The people here are so friendly, they have friendly manners, the kind that we no longer have in London.

We explored villages and coastal areas of Pembrokeshire for many days. There are so much to do and to see in Pembrokeshire. Never ending walks with stunning views, particularly on the coastal areas with breath-taking beauty. The weather was just so gorgeous every day, we were very lucky. The fact that when we were in Wales, they had so much rain in London and we were truly blessed with blue sky there almost every day during our stay.

Every night of our stay we stayed in different camping site along the coasts, each with its natural beauty. One night we stayed in a small camping site with only a few caravans on site.  The camping site was perched on top of the rocky part of the beach, overlooking the blue ocean, it was like heaven on earth.

I have been to so many holiday destinations, and am more than happy to say that Wales was a destination that left me with so many amazing memories. Wales, we will be back.



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