My name is Nelly Andon. I am a wife, a mother, a travel addict, a crazy gardener, a foodie and someone who never stops exploring ways to make the world a better and happier place to be.

This website is a medium where I share my stories and my love for;
– travel, sharing my global travel experience with you
– this planet and my contribution to help make it a better place for us to live in
– humanity, “All humanity is one undivided and indivisible family,” said Gandhi, and I am holding this statement dear to my heart.
– global culture and tradition and making some contribution to help preserve them
– delicious food and always learn how to cook them for my family and friends.
– gardening (a bit of a mad gardener), sharing my passion, knowledge and my stories from this corner of life
– all things great!!

On this website, I share a lot about my journeys to remote places in Indonesia, where I have devoted many years exploring and learning Indonesian handmade textiles (Batik, Ikat, Songket & Shibori). I feel truly blessed to have spent valuable time with the amazing artisans from around the archipelago and learned a great deal about Indonesian textile culture from them directly. I  connect with textile artisans from around Indonesia through a small charity I founded in 2000 www.connectindonesia.org. The stories about my textile exploration can be found in my textile blog www.wastraindonesia.uk

Thank you for your visit to this website today, please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about the content of this website.

Nelly Andon