PARIS, weekend with friends, cold January 2010

PARIS, weekend with friends, cold January 2010

Paris is only a few hours away from London, and we often find ourselves spending a weekend here.  We have been visiting Paris many times now, and it has become an escape destination if we get fed up with London.

This year, Paris was very cold, freezing in fact. We could see some frozen ponds and puddles here and there. We stayed only for the weekends, spending time with close friends.

I love Paris, but over the past few years, Paris has become less special to me. There are so many beggars in on the street now, and the metro becomes so stink of urine.  I think it is because London just keeps on developing, innovating and changing, so Paris looks a bit left behind in that respect. However, still love Paris, love walking around the city and the food is still as gorgeous as ever.

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