The Languedoc Region of South of France, 2012

The Languedoc Region of South of France, 2012

The Languedoc is one of my favourite destinations in France. This region of France is just so beautiful, the landscape; the food; the wine;  the beaches, and there are so many things to do here.  The region is a very popular destination all year round, particularly during the summer months, is usually very packed, but still pleasant.

We visit this region fairly regularly, as one of my sister in law and her family live around here, in a small village called Gignac.  We have visited this place at different season of the year, Spring, Summer & Autumn, each season offered amazing experience. Autumn in particular is my favourite time of the year, where the figs will be ready for harvest. There are wild fig trees around belong to no one and you can harvest them as you wish.  I love figs so much, and with so much of them about and free, I do get into a bit of trouble at times, as you know figs are natural laxatives, so do go easy on them.

Summer is also a great time, but with summer temperature in the area could reach up to 45C, it is not very pleasant if you are far away from water. Luckily for us, my sister-in-law’s place is located not very far from The Hérault river, where we could enjoy swimming in clear water, canoeing with family, sailing in Lac Salagou or just go for a nice drive in the countryside passing the vineyards. Montpellier also have lovely beaches for those who wish to spend time on the beach.

Is fairly easy to rich the Languedoc, from the UK, we have tried driving several times but this could take more than one day, if you are not rushing. Flying from several airports in the UK to Montpellier, takes about 2 hours.  My favourite way to travel there is by train. Take the Eurostar to Paris, to Gare du Nord, then a quick transfer from there to the Gare de Lyon where you will catch your train to Montpellier. It take a few hours, but the trains are very comfortable, passing beautiful scenery along the way.

Our favourite place is the river Hérault where we hang out a lot. Here you can swim, the water is very clear and clean. You can do one-day canoeing, this will take up to 6 hours adventure, but you will enjoy it tremendously.  There are beautiful villages to visit near the Hérault, Grotte de Clamouse, one of the most amazing cave on this planet is located along the bank of the river Hérault. Don’t forget to visit  Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, a beautiful medieval village with lovely shops and restaurants.

Then there are the French local markets, the are truly amazing, full of interesting things, particularly special fresh produce and cheeses. The Languedoc region is really famous for their wine, and enjoy them whilst you are in the region. There are some organic wine producers in the region worth visiting.

Enjoy the Languedoc, we always love it there.

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