Sipinsur & Muara on the Shore of Lake Toba

Sipinsur and Muara are located on the North Tapanuli side of Lake Toba. It is about 25 minutes drive from Silangit airport, the main gateway airport to Lake Toba.  This view along the drive towards Sipinsur and Muara is truly stunning.  The altitude is fairly high above sea level, so the temperature here is very cool all year round, approximately between 23 – 26 C, making it extremely pleasant all day and can be very cool at night.

I captured this video during my visit to this region in 2010, this was my 1st visit then. I have been back twice after this visit.  Muara Nauli is a fairly small town, laid back and a place to chill out and rest. There are a few good hotels in town, the largest is the GNB hotel, formerly known as Sentosa Hotel. You can’t miss you, is the largest and most modern building in town.

If you need any tips and advice to travel here, don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy holiday.

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