This website is a place where I share my worldwide traveling experience, sharing my stories from some of the most amazing places of this planet and where I met some of the most fascinating people and learned a great deal knowledge from them, their land and their culture.

I am aware that writing is not my strongest skill, but I hope through my simple travel writing skill, I can share some of the most amazing journeys of my lifetime.

For me, traveling is much more than just visiting places and tell the world that I have been here and there. On these adventures, I love to take a step further beyond just ordinary traveling. When I met people, I made the most of these encounters, to learn and try to understand their way of lives, their culture, their tradition and along the way, embracing all things positive through these meetings and to leave as much as positive legacy behind me.  I have gained so much from my travels, and I hope I can inspire you through some of these stories.

Through my blogs, I am sharing stories of my travels around the globe, from many continents.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any queries about places I share with you here on this website, please feel free to contact me.

Happy holiday!!